Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the barterist?

Barterist relocates on market products arising from Barter agreements.

Which is minimum quantity to fix a Barter agreement?

There is no minimum quantity: Products are valorized accordingly to their kind of goods and general value at retail sale.

Which are interesting products for barter?

No restriction in products: just attention to food and beverage, accordingly to expiry date and cold temperature, which could limit interest in some categories.

How to valorize products?

The supplier of products send samples and/or images of products to barterist (with or without packagings), confirms retail unit price and sale price for barter agreement, lists assortment, limits for distribution, shelf life, palletizing, transport, etc. On base of all these data, barterist is able to compare value of goods with similar products, judging and defining selling amount of the whole lot offered against the business agreement.

To WHOM Barter address distribution of products?

GDO, retail, closed outlets (= shops with special members only limited entrance, owners of special advantages card).

Before delivery of goods or Planning campaign?

The delivery of goods must be arranged at least 30 days before starting date of advertising campaign.

Subject of advertising campaign must match exactly products delivered?

No. Just customer decides: advertising campaign could be applied even to products different from ones object of Bartering exchange contract.

What is compensation invoice?

Compensation requires that two same amount invoices settling by compensation. Any difference in VAT %, arising from different rule, should be settled against bank transfer payment arrange by customer.

When customer issues invoice of goods?

At same time, or after, delivery of goods: compensation invoice must be settled within the month, in compliance with VAT rules.

When Barter issues invoice?

Against receipt of customer bill, within same month.

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